The Myth of the “Educational Toy” Your Holiday Survival Guide

by Stephanie Gomez Does this commercial look familiar? A mother sits happily in front of the television with her bright-eyed nine-month old sitting on her lap. The baby is pushing buttons on a colorful lap-pad placed in front of them as he giggles in delight watching his movements effect a picture on the television. The […]

Choosing Toys: When Less is Really More

By Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. This time of year, parents are inundated with advertisements and catalogs showing toys full of pizzazz—toys that light up, talk, even interact. Micro chips are everywhere, and children today can have a roomful of toys that entertain them, wondrous things that we parents never even dreamed of in our childhood. Imagine […]

Please can you buy it for me? Our children as consumers and what we can do about it

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. The average American child gets 70 new toys a year. That is a mind-boggling number. When today’s parents were children, that number was much lower. So what is behind this rise in children’s possessions? As with all such questions, there is no simple answer. It seems we are living amidst a […]