Getting Kids to Sleep

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. A friend of mine, nine months pregnant, was approached by a frazzled-looking woman, who looked at her belly and said flatly, “Get your sleep now.” Everyone knows that newborns don’t sleep through the night and that new parents go through a period in which they struggle with sleep deprivation. But what […]

No Growling Allowed

posted by Carol White My daughter’s class spent a month this year studying bears and camping. Her teacher had a sign in the classroom that read, “No Growling Allowed.” Now no one in the whole world, unless you know us really, really, well, would ever guess that my daughter growls. She looks far too quiet […]

The Unintentional Family Bed

posted by Carol White For a family that hasn’t really ever been “family bed” people, we sure have a lot of family in our bed. My first daughter has mostly always been in her own bed, partly because she likes it that way, and partly because I wasn’t going to have a “family bed” when […]