FREE Kindergarten school readiness camp June 25-July16, 2014

FREE Kindergarten readiness camp for Nevada County children with no preschool experience. Help your child get that extra boost to be really ready for school! This 3 week class has a nurturing environment where your child can practice following directions, being part of a group and will enjoy circle- time, story-time and play-time with lots […]

Storytelling and Dramatic Play

One of my all-time favorite activities with young children is acting out stories – not only is it fun for all, it lets us all get into the story in a whole new way. As a teacher, I gobbled up Vivian Paley‘s books about the uses of storytelling in her classroom. As a mom, many […]

Building Your Child’s Vocabulary

Building Your Child’s Vocabulary   All parents want their child to do well in school. One way to help your child is to help them build their vocabulary. Beginning readers use knowledge about words to help them make sense of what they’re reading. The more words a reader knows, the more they are able to […]

Halloween School Readiness Activities

      Welcome to our Halloween school readiness page! We hope you will get a chance – or got a chance – to visit us at the Center for the Arts during the Grass Valley Downtown Preschool Trick-or-Treat and pick out a book  to take home. We hear a lot about “school readiness” and […]

School Readiness: Stone Soup

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. As the weather starts to cool in Nevada County, I begin to crave soup and look forward to some of the meal-in-a-pot varieties I make each Fall and Winter. And today my mind is wandering to the folktale Stone Soup. Remember that one? Here’s a short version of the tale. Or you […]

Tips for Starting Preschool

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. Starting preschool is a big step for your little person. Even if he’s been in daycare, preschool will be a change, with a more structured day and a more “grownup” name. Here are some ways that you can help your child make the transition. Visit the preschool. Most schools allow for […]