Choosing Toys: When Less is Really More

By Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. This time of year, parents are inundated with advertisements and catalogs showing toys full of pizzazz—toys that light up, talk, even interact. Micro chips are everywhere, and children today can have a roomful of toys that entertain them, wondrous things that we parents never even dreamed of in our childhood. Imagine […]

Nurturing Thankfulness in Children

By Meg Luce, LMFT Most parents want to give their children the moon. They work hard to provide their kids with a good life, and they don’t want them to feel deprived. Plus, it’s so fun to see children light up with joy when receiving a new toy or gadget. On the other hand,  sometimes […]

New Triple P Parenting Class – starts Sept.11

Readiness Skills for Starting Kindergarten

Is your child going to be 5 years old by October 2? If so, time for you to register him for Kindergarten! You can find information about kindergarten registration in western Nevada County here and for Truckee here. Children enter Kindergarten with a whole range of skills – no two will be the same. Don’t […]

One Little Boy Showed Me a Lot about Learning. . .

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. I was sitting in a waiting room in Grass Valley and, being me, I was reading a bit but really watching the kids in the room (watching children is truly my favorite activity, I always learn so much from them). A young mom was there with three young children, ranging in […]

School Readiness Tips

During the past decade, “School Readiness” has become a major national subject of conversation. State and national policymakers have developed goals to assist children’s readiness for school and schools’ readiness for children. Children’s Readiness for School includes five dimensions: health and physical development emotional well being and social competence approaches to learning communicative skills, and cognition and general knowledge Schools’ Readiness […]

Tips for Feeding Children

Parenthood is fraught with worry about 1,000 different things.  Meal times should not be one of them.  It should be a time for your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  This article of ours gives pointers on how to do that and sums up the research on all the benefits of family meals. […]

Hot Topic: Toilet Training!

We never would have guessed it, but the most popular article on our site is the one on toilet training. We even had a woman from Texas e-mail us to say it was the best thing she’d found on the web about the topic – and to thank us. So we thought we’d highlight it […]

Triple P Parenting Class starting August 2nd

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual! Many familiar parenting problems have very simple solutions that can be applied with some effort and focus. Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world that’s based on evidence from clinical research. For more than 30 years, Triple P’s easy-to-understand and practical strategies have […]

Parent Leadership Group

The Nevada County Parent Leadership, Empowerment and Advocacy Group (PLEAG) meets weekly in Grass Valley – and includes free dinner, childcare, and interaction with other parents. Summer meetings include a barbecue, a game night, an art night, a session on positive parenting, a session on conflict resolution and more!  Click here for a list of […]