Choosing Toys: When Less is Really More

By Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. This time of year, parents are inundated with advertisements and catalogs showing toys full of pizzazz—toys that light up, talk, even interact. Micro chips are everywhere, and children today can have a roomful of toys that entertain them, wondrous things that we parents never even dreamed of in our childhood. Imagine […]

Federal Legislators Look toward the Future!

This week, the Strong Start for America’s Children Act was introduced on Capitol Hill by Representative George Miller (D-CA), Representative Richard Hanna (R-NY), and Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA). This bipartisan legislation proposes a 10-year initiative to expand access to high-quality education for children birth through age five. Hooray for legislators who are looking toward the […]

One Little Boy Showed Me a Lot about Learning. . .

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. I was sitting in a waiting room in Grass Valley and, being me, I was reading a bit but really watching the kids in the room (watching children is truly my favorite activity, I always learn so much from them). A young mom was there with three young children, ranging in […]

Triple P Parenting Class starting August 2nd

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual! Many familiar parenting problems have very simple solutions that can be applied with some effort and focus. Triple P is one of the few parenting programs in the world that’s based on evidence from clinical research. For more than 30 years, Triple P’s easy-to-understand and practical strategies have […]

What Children Need

posted by Lindsay Dunckel In my line of work, I spend a lot of time thinking about, writing about, and getting other people to think about what children need.  As the mother of a pre-teen daughter, I hear a lot about what a particular child “needs”—which doesn’t always match up so well with the thinking I […]