School Readiness

What, Exactly, Is School Readiness?

During the past decade, “School Readiness” has become a major national subject of conversation. State and national

policymakers have developed definitions for children’s readiness for school and schools’ readiness for children:

Children’s Readiness for School includes five dimensions:

  1. health and physical development
  2. emotional well being and social competence
  3. approaches to learning
  4. communicative skills, and
  5. cognition and general knowledge

Schools’ Readiness for Children goals are:

  1. to create a smooth transition between home and school
  2. to have continuity between early care and education programs and elementary grades
  3. to have a student centered environment focused on helping children learn
  4. to commit to the success of every child to use approaches that have been shown to raise achievement for every child
  5. to have a willingness to alter practices and programs to benefit children, and
  6. to assure that students have access to services and support in the community.

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