Best and Worst Countries for Moms

How well are moms doing around the world?  This photo essay on countries of the world where moms are best off and worst off is an interesting look at how we can frame that question.

What’s Happened to My Mind?

posted by Carol White I was at a BBQ at my daughter’s preschool the other night and I was having a conversation with another mother about memory, or lack of memory.  She is 28, and let’s just say that I’m not.   There’s probably no medical study supporting this, but every mother I talk to […]

Kids Get Squeezed in the Federal Budget

posted by Lindsay Dunckel A recent report by the Urban Institute, a non-partisan economic and social policy research institute, shows that children are getting a smaller share of the federal budget, with spending on kids not keeping pace with GDP growth (GDP is gross domestic product, a measure of national income).  Policy change is needed […]

New Study: Dads’ Care Benefits Babies’ Cognitive Development

posted by Lindsay Dunckel A new study from Child Trends, Involvement among Resident Fathers and Links to Infant Cognitive Outcomes, published online in the Journal of Family Issues, shows that fathers’ warmth, care, and play with their babies is positively linked with infant cognitive development–as seen in the babies’ babbling and exploring objects. The study also finds that fathers’ influence […]