Seat Belt Recommendations for Pregnant Women

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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Great information from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Scroll down for a copy in spanish.

What You Can Do To Avoid a Cesarean Birth

by Laurie Chamberlin, CD, ICCE, LE Tears streaming down her face, sadness and longing to go back and do it differently “How do you get the word out?” Dena questioned. “I took the classes, I learned about the pro’s and con’s, but I didn’t care about that when I was pregnant, I just wanted my […]

Breathing reduces labor pain, big deal. Wait, really? How?

posted by Laurie Chamberlin “What if I don’t want to practice breathing? It irritates me,” says a very pregnant Marianne during the breathing practice session of our birthing class. I’ve never had anyone say this before and I don’t have an answer right away. So, I take a breath and reply, “It’s probably difficult for […]

Confident Mama

posted by Laurie Chamberlin I was walking to my car last week when I saw this adorable little baby asleep in a front carrier while his mama was humming and unloading groceries into her car.  “Laurie!” exclaimed Debra and took me by surprise as I hadn’t realized I knew her. “I read your article on […]

Prenatal Counseling, Birth Hypnosis & Bonding with your Unborn Child

posted by Dr. Gayle Peterson Prenatal Counseling, Birth Hypnosis and bonding with your unborn child I find that moms and Dads enjoy bonding with their baby more when they know just a little bit about what it is like inside the womb! These two articles give food for thought to bonding with your baby and […]