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Foods to avoid during pregnancy

Great information from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. Scroll down for a copy in spanish.

Tips for Feeding Children

Parenthood is fraught with worry about 1,000 different things.  Meal times should not be one of them.  It should be a time for your family to relax and enjoy each other’s company.  This article of ours gives pointers on how to do that and sums up the research on all the benefits of family meals. […]

Trick or Treat: Tips for Taming the Candy Monster

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. It looms like the harvest moon this time of year: Halloween will soon be upon us. And along with the fairies and Robin Hoods will come buckets of candy. Candy. That thing we try to limit our children’s exposure to will practically walk through the front door by the handful. What’s […]

Living With a Picky Eater

by Lindsay Dunckel, Ph.D. I recently read that the human species has depended biologically on having both adventurous and picky eaters: the adventurous eaters introduce their clans to new sources of food, and the picky eaters keep the whole clan from being wiped out by poison. I felt good knowing this: my genes are safe, […]

Healthy Eating: Easy Snacks that Keep Your Kids on Track

Nutritionists tell us that children need three meals and two snacks a day, so snacking is a natural part of children’s eating. Too often, snacks are unplanned and unhealthy: the kids get hungry and we reach into the cupboards for a prepared food that is high in sugars and/or fats. Convenient snack packs are sold […]

Healthy eating tips for infants and toddlers

Feeding is one of a parent’s most important jobs. It helps children grow healthy and strong. But meal and snack times also give parents a chance to help their children feel important and loved; understood and respected; and learn to trust that others will care for them. Here are some tips about how to nurture […]

Family Meals: A Lot More Than Good Nutrition

by Lindsay Dunckel, PhD Because I had warm memories of family dinners from my childhood, I wanted to recreate that with my husband and children. I wasn’t sure what age would be appropriate to start, but noticed when my daughter was a young toddler that she ate more when we sat down and ate with […]

Childhood Obesity

Parents, you may see a new TV public service spot called “It all adds up”, where adults unintentionally are giving a young boy too many treats. First 5 California created this to dramatize how easy it is to lose track of what your child is eating. Childhood obesity is now a very serious health problem, […]

Post Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pancakes

posted by Wendy Van Wagner This recipe just appeared in the New York Times. I think it would be a really fun one to make with kids during or the morning after Thanksgiving. It shows how pumpkin can be incorporated into everyday foods, like pancakes! You could even save a few steps by using the […]